Frequently Asked Questions

How are the swings fixed?

Our swings are sold with their fixing system to fix them on the ceilings (only concrete or solid wood). You will need a drill to secure the parts. Detailed installation instructions are supplied with the item ordered.

Where can I fix the swing or hammock chair?

The swings as the hammock chairs can be hung indoors (on concrete or solid wood ceilings only) or outdoors. If it is outdoors, we recommend that you bring a rope (climbing rope type) which will serve as a tie around the branch of a tree for example; so as not to damage the cotton cords of the swing or hammock chair.

How to maintain the swing?

The swing in the quality of washing machine! And that is cool ! You must carefully remove the antlers and ropes and pass the seat of the swing (preferably alone) in the washing machine at 30 °. Do not put the swing in the dryer! If the strings are dirty, soak them for a few minutes in lukewarm water with a drop of detergent. Do not put the ropes in the dryer! If the antlers are dirty, clean them with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.